Black Belt Blogger: Bush Mackel

If you want to read a Master at building community, you want to visit Bush Mackel.  The man has a technorati ranking of a gazillion (o.k. actually more like in the 240’s) and continues to rake in the traffic.  Why?  He’s interesting, compelling to read and an overall nice person who is willing to help just about anyone with anything (I have about 14 detailed emails in my inbox to prove it).

In addition to great content ranging from making money on your blogs to a personal bout with the flu, Bush Mackel doesn’t place himself above everyone else, despite being about to break into the top 20,000 blogs.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Rarely does a day go by when Bush isn’t providing linky love to a variety of different sites and bloggers.

The profile picture alone on his blog can make you smile, and his writing offers humorous surprises throughout, calling the toilet “Mr. T” for example during a recent flu bug bout.

Offering up advice on growing your site traffic, monetizing your site and pretty much anything and everything else is what Bush does best.  He also maintains another entertaining “Daddy Blog” called Da Mack Daddy.  Seriously, could he have possibly thought of a better name for that blog?  I think not.

For pure entertainment value, and for his down-to-Earth attitude despite being a virtual “blogebrity,” Bush Mackel is this weeks Honorary Black Belt Blogger.

Black Belt Blogger

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