Black Belt Blogger: Martial Views

It was only a matter of time before a martial arts blogger was given the title of honorary black belt blogger.  No one deserves it more than John of Martial Views.  He’s already a black belt in Isshinryu, but I happen to consider him a black belt blogger as well. 

With timely topics on a weekly basis and articles that are always just enough to sink your teeth into, John is stellar at providing topics and content that is relevant to the entire martial arts community.  From controversial issues related to MMA to historical conversations, John has done an excellent job of building a community around his blog.  He is looked up to as an authority on all things martial arts and it is obvious that he thoroughly researches his topics before adding his own commentary and putting it out there for the world to read and enjoy.

As enjoyable as his articles are, his comments section is equally entertaining.  There always seems to be an interesting conversation happening within his comments and John is meticulous in his addressing those who comment on his site personally.

Stick around his site too long, and you’ll probably have found a friend in the martial arts.  For his informative writing style and his excellent community builder, John at Martial Views is another excellent example of a Black Belt Blogger.  Congratulations John!

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