Black Belt Blogger: Sizzle Says

When someone is fun, it’s kind of like the flu, super contagious.  Fun people are just fun to be around, and so are their blogs.  Sizzle can put a little fun and spice into your life.  She also makes you think.  She has a following of many who enjoy her words, quotes and introspective posts.  Her readers also enjoy when she blindfolds her boyfriend and takes him on adventures.  From writing about her previous single life, to her new beau, to her handsome little nephew, Sizzle covers it all with 100% style.

Much of Sizzle’s success in the blogging world is due to her very true and honest writing. It’s fabulous.  She examines her life inside and out and shares it with her readers.  It’s a truly rare look into one of the internet’s most beautiful people.  But another part of Sizzle’s claim to fame is that she’s personable.  It seems like most of the commenter’s on her site are her friends, but they happen to live all over the place, which means she’s excellent at communicating and connecting with her readers.  I happen to be one of them so I know.

Some of my favorite things about Sizzle Says?  I love that she finds the most appropriate quotes to sum up her blog posts.  Her honestly is completely refreshing and appealing, and she’s always entertaining.  For these qualities and so many more, Sizzle is our Honorary Black Belt this week.  Check her out.  You’ll be so happy you did.

Black Belt Blogger

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