Keeping it Interesting

When you have built a community around your blog, you can pretty much keep them around as long as you keep it interesting.  Once readers actually care about you, they want to know more about you, and they will go along with you almost anywhere.  The key is to keep content fresh, interesting and entertaining. 

Readers don’t want to hear a blow by blow of your day when you’re too exhausted to put together a decent sentence.  If you can make your day interesting through vivid descriptions, intelligent and/or humorous writing, you can hook them for good. 

There are entirely too many blogs out there that relay the most mundane details of their days without making it interesting.  There are a couple things you can do to keep content fresh:

  • Write in scenes.  If your readers can "see" what you’re seeing, they’ll be more interested.  The majority of people are very visual people.
  • Do something different!  If all you’ve been writing about is how boring your job is, get out of the office and do something new.  Visit a park; check out a new restaurant; find something new to experience and tell your readers about it. 
  • Don’t cloud your writing with terrible grammar and cRaZy TeEnAgEr TyPiNg.  Man, that took me like 30 minutes to do that.  Instead of trying to add interest with irritating stuff like that, do something interesting with your writing that doesn’t require people to concentrate harder to get your point.  You know, write well!
  • If you don’t have anything interesting to say, take a breather.  You don’t have to post every single day.  If you’re in a bad mood and can’t put together something good, take the day off from blogging.

Here’s to your writing success!

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