Black Belt Blogger: Papa Bradstein

Daddy bloggers are very cool.  Different from a mother’s perspective, they lay it all out there.  Coming from a daddy, it’s super endearing and usually funny too.  Papa Bradstein is a great example of that.  From his humorous excursions with his dog Barky to his adorable little man 3B, Papa Bradstein writes one entertaining blog.

Often joking about his lack of readers, Papa Bradstein is one of the best blogs you’re probably not reading yet.  His writing style is fun, upbeat and clever.  He can make suffering from the flu rip your sides apart with laughter.  And if he can’t get his coffee?  Well, he’ll lead you on his journey to the mecca of caffeine and you’ll be laughing the whole way there.

With an interesting readership of fellow Daddy bloggers and Mommy bloggers who can’t resist him, Papa Bradstein is somewhat of a cult classic.  He’s like a Starbucks in Seattle before it went viral.  If you’re not reading him you really should be.  His writing makes you want to be a better writer yourself.  He’s just so darn witty and entertaining.

For his wit, endaring “Daddyness” and for an all around good time that can be had while on his site, Papa Bradstein is the Honorary Black Belt Blogger of the week.  Congratulations!

Black Belt Blogger

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