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I thought that I’d revisit some of the basic concepts behindour course on how to write an interesting blog :

  1. People like help getting started blogging. There are so many questions about how to approach it, what technology to use (blogger? typepad? wordpress?), and other questions that it’s good having a structure with a mentor who can keep you on a sensible course.
  2. Bloggers love having an audience and peer group to start blogging with.  It’s more fun writing if someone is reading. And it’s even better if the someone is teaching you and giving you good feedback and comes with a class full of students who become your online support group and peer group as you launch your online writing career.
  3. There are some lessons learned from decades of  writing episodes, comic strips,  and television serials that can be applied to writing a blog.  Simple concepts like having an ongoing theme or tension.  For instance, one blogger is often having trouble with her weight.  With a big party coming up, she buys a dress that is a tad too small for her.  As the event approaches, has she lost enough weight to fit into the dress?  The tension of this question can keep people reading the blog through months as she diets, exercises, progresses, and regresses.  Far too many bloggers just have a bunch of stand-alone articles. Each one might be good but there is nothing that keeps people coming back week after week.  There are also principles of character. And so on.

The blog writing course (which has moved homes) is part of the family of online writing classes.    See you online…..

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